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Today every person is busy in earning money, different ammenities, respect, lots of bank balance but one thing which is missing or a person is lacking behind is peace of mind. Noone has time to think about the morals, think about the emotions and to think about peace. In this running life of ours one thing which can give us peace of mind and soal is music. Its a way through which a person can sit and relax for a a while. One of the form of music is gazal we all know and its the choice of people who want to be still in life for sometimes and relax.

There are many kind of music you would have heard but in my opinion todays music has been changed a slow soothing tracks has been taken away by irritating loud music having no sence at all but among this music a unique style of presenting yourself that is gazal is still alive and lots of people love to listen and cherish ghazals.

A very tiring day and later a cup of coffee and a gazal what a combination ist'it, It's for sure you will love it. Even a though of ghazal makes you feel good and fresh. Apinch of romance along with wine thats what we can call ghazal exactly. Thera are so many artist who perform Indian gazals but some of them have become the identity of this rumani word gazal like Jagjit Singh, Pankaj Udhas, Ghulam Ali, Manhar udhas etc but basically origin of ghazal was by Mirza Galib. He was born in the city of Agra, of parents with Turkish aristocraticancestry, probably on December 27th, 1797 His creations are so beautiful that even now people like to listen his tracks. The beauty of words makes you out of this world as if we are in some other world.

There are many types of gazals but the most famous catagories are of romantic ghazals and sharaabi ghazals. Some of the gazals from films are also the loved ones of all like Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho.......... In India, however famous you may be as a singer, nothing gets you more noticed than being in Bollywood films. Ghulam Ali is no exception. His ghazals can be heard regularly in Hindi films. Like Chupke chupke raat din... in Nikaah.

Gazal originated in Iran in the 10th century A.D. It grew from the Persian qasida, which in verse form had come to Iran from Arabia. Ghazals have very rich culture infact it was very famous among the kings and queens of india in mughal period. It is not possible to get a full understanding of ghazal poetry without at least being familiar some concepts of Sufism. Person needs to have intance emotions and feelings and the knowledge of urdu words to ubderstand the depth of ghazals. we have tried to keep alive this beautiful form of music as we will provide you all kind of ghazals you wlways wanted like Romantic ghazals, Indian ghazals, Urdu ghazals, sharabi ghazals, pakistani ghazals, ghazal lyrics, Ghulam Ali ghazals, Jagjit Singh ghazals, Pankaj Udhas ghazals, English ghazals, Gujrati gazals. For shayaris visit Website.

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